“Up the Coast” 2014

In this on-going body of work, Up the Coast explores the East Cape, a stretch of coast that is papakāinga to many, but is the day to day home to few.  Jonny Davis’ works capture some of the community spaces and facilities along the coast – places that seemingly lie in waiting to host whānau returning home.

The images are characterised by an expansive ocean backdrop, rugged foreshore, narrow meandering roads and these quiet, waiting places.

All prints within this series are a limited edition of 5.

Up the Coast – Jonny Davis – An Exhibition Review by Depot Artspace July 2014

“Jonny Davis’s solo exhibition ‘Up the Coast’ was held at the Depot Artspace in Devonport as part of the 2014 Auckland Photographic Festival.
The four images exhibited are part of an ongoing body of work exploring the East Cape, a stretch of coast that holds a special affinity for Jonny. His relationship is articulated by scenes that honour the enduring presence of the landscape against the transitory nature of human presence and existence, most explicitly represented in his image of the urupā against the unrelenting backdrop of an expansive east coast ocean. Other works such Basketball Court, Te Kaha, and Skatepark, Te Araroa are almost archaeological in their imagery, redolent of once‐inhabited human sites.
The works were framed without a matt in a simple wooden frames which complemented his aesthetic for the exhibition. The gallery was used to the best advantage for the individual works and successfully created conversation between them.
Jonny is a considerate and professional artist and we enjoyed working with him on every part of the process. He was methodical, organised and had a clear concept for the exhibition content. He worked hard on all elements of the exhibition to ensure his work was presented to the highest standard.”