This is a growing series of works based around the Hokianga area in Northland, NZ.  We have a family connection to the area, as my wife’s grandmother grew up between Te Karaka, Panguru and Whirinaki, later working at Rawene before moving to the Kaipara.  Her marae are in the area, so we find ourselves back there on occasion.  The Hokianga is a magical and unique part of NZ, and its story is of huge importance to our nation, known as the place Māori first arrived at, and settled in.  Te-hoki-anga-nui-ā-Kupe – the great return of Kupe (where Hokianga gets it’s name) tells us part of the story of the area and of one of our great early explorers and navigators.  The images from this area are like vignettes, telling some of the stories and themes which have been woven in and through this place over the last few hundred years.